A journey through Yang 2 Yin Yoga. Begin with a slow warm up accompanied by live music. Stretching our bodies through a short flow we move into a Mandala Yoga series to bring our Collective Vibration together. Next we channel deeper into a Yin practice while being surrounded with Sound Healing and Mantras. The class will finish with a meditation and a short circle. This class is for everyone and all levels!
Yoga Bio

Annie YinFlow is passionate about movement and balance. Annie has trained within many movement modalities including ballet, contact dance, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga and much more. Annie brings together her 300h Karma Teacher Certificate, 50h Yin Certificate, Pranayama Training to the matt. A balance of looking inward while Annie holds space in a unique way that allows a deeper connection to body and spirit. As a professional musician, playing nationwide for the past 10 yrs, Annie combines music and movement to create a unique experience.