Taze Kozak paints his music with the colors of folk/alt-country/and blues. This Comox Valley born and raised artist has procured many lasting musical friendships, and played alongside a vibrant cast of local talent.

When flying solo Kozak deploys his voice and guitar with “Gritty raw licks that tingle your bones, and lyrics that make you ponder the wanderlust roads of time”. He smoothly controls the dynamics of his music, and releases sonic diversity in all directions. Kozak has the unique ability of keeping his toes inside the box of contemporary songwriting and guitar styles, while leaving the rest of himself free to explore, deconstruct, and ultimately dig down deep toward the roots within, where he then can rip them out, once exposed he shares. Kozak does not serve up a pretty dish for the masses, what he puts on the plate is what you get, and what you get is all that he’s got.