Ange Ella Healy grew up in the prairies with fellow sky watchers and the supportive music community in Edmonton, Alberta. She is currently living in Victoria, B.C. She was born into a long line of singers- her grandmother , her grandfather and now performing with her mother Fiona Fieldwalker- Angela Healy has been singing with choirs, Bluegrass bands, Rockabilly, Folk music groups and now has given her own music its own genre as Swoopy Lonesome. Her influences include Patsy Cline, Feist, Sinead O’Connor, Sarah Harmer, Joni Mitchell, Emmy-Lou Harris,U.2, Lisa Hannigan and others as she grows as a singer-songwriter. Her love of harmony combined with her mandolin, percussion and guitar playing, creates Swoopy Lonesome Folk music.Her current album is titled, ‘Land of the Blind’ and her music can be found on her website with Reverb Nation: www.reverbnation/angehealy

Performing with her mother Fiona Fieldwalker has allowed her to revisit the songs her mother wrote as she was growing up in Edmonton, Alberta. Fiona Fieldwalker has been singing for people since she was eight years old at weddings and in the church choir ( the only gig a Catholic girl could do in rural Alberta)
Together Angela and Fiona are known as Sage ,Silt and the Sundog (as Ange Ella’s dog Paikea is at every performance).
Both of these singer /songwriters have been part of other singing troupes;
Angela- Kokopelli Choir in Edmonton, Alberta. The Ramblin’ Quinceys and the Wooly Chaps in Nelson, B.C.
Fiona; Three Track Train in Edmonton, Alberta. Low on Dough -Buskers Festival in Edmonton, Alberta.

They started performing together at music festivals in Alberta -both the North and South Country Fairs-and the Wild Mountain Music Festival and many venues in Vancouver where they recorded an album “Wanderers Rest”
Since their recent move to the island their sweet harmonies can be heard on Vancouver Island and they perform often in Sooke, for the Folk Music Coffee House, in Sooke, B.C.