Roadside Rattle

The Roadside Rattle Gang; straight off the streets of CV, are sure to make you hoot, holler, dance and smile. With a quarter cup of swing, just a dash of blues and a taste of folk you know they be cookin up something tastyyyy. Cam boyce- located in royston, playing the fiddle and slide whistle like its his day job…oh wait.. it is. Chad pab from flin flon manitoba, playing the bass and banjo with the light shining through the f holes (must be because hes jesus) Reesa Schorno- located in courtenay BC singing up some sass and playing a handmade, electrical taped cazoogle. Cant forget devin duderman- located in Courtenay. The gluten of the band, holding it together with rhythem guitar, kids bells, tamborine, the kahone. Lets face it he plays more instruments then his vocabulary. Not sure about you, but im Hungryyy.