On a mission to capture the sound of Django’s swing bands of the 30’s and 40’s, the Jewels swing hard and fast, with energy and lots of feels.   This all string band plays unamplified, presenting a full, clear and undistorted wooden sound rarely heard in the Jazz Manouche scene today.


Barefoot Caravan is a vibrant project based out of the North Okanagan. This dance-it-up World Fusion group blends up-beat Soca, Gypsy and Reggae rhythms with melodic harmonies and organic under-tones. Roots music, raw and true; naturally compelling your body to move.



Barefoot Caravan in partnership with the Woodstove Festival are hosting a Freedom Arts Rhythm, Songwriting and performance workshop along with a performance by the participants on Sunday Nov. 5th at the Masonic Hall, 2687 Dunsmuir Ave, Cumberland, BC.   This is a youth workshop for ages 5-16 where participants will get to perform on a festival stage!

With the support of Barefoot Caravan, participants of all skill levels will learn djembe (hand drum) techniques and rhythms.

They are also guided through the songwriting process as they write and perform their own songs at this year’s Woodstove Festival.

Freedom Arts engages participants in the facilitation of all the roles necessary to put on a great show. Each program is unique to the group dynamic, synergy and interests of the participants. As much as this program is facilitated, Freedom Arts is in fact led and directed by the participants as they design a performance to suit their interests!


9:15 -9:30    Meet & Greet

9:30 – 11:30 Freedom Arts Workshop Series (Children and Youth)

11:30-11:45 Health Break

11:45-12:00 Seating for the Performance

12:00 -12:20 Community Performance by the workshop participants with Barefoot Caravan

THIS WORKSHOP is included with a kids or youth weekend pass to The Woodstove Festival 2017 (Kids 6-12 $15, Youth 13-19 $20).  Parents/Caregivers of workshop participants can purchase a weekend pass at a discounted price of $30.  Family and friends coming  to see the SHOWCASE ONLY (12-12:30 Saturday Nov. 4th at The Masonic Hall) are admitted by donation.

Parents/Caregivers of Registered participants DO NOT need to remain at the Masonic Hall for the workshop (Drop-off 9:15-9:30 AM, Pick-up 12:20-12:30 PM).

For further information and to register for the Freedom Arts workshop by November 4th 2017 please visit and contact Angela Roy directly at 250-212-7594 or by email  Registration the morning of Nov. 5th is available on a first-come/first-serve basis!

For additional information about the Festival please contact

Barefoot Caravan’s Freedom Arts program is a creative outlet for children and youth in various schools, communities and festivals throughout BC. This program was founded in Haida Gwaii at the Edge of the World Festival in 2014 with the support of other artists like Tereza Tomek and members of Red Haven.  Freedom Arts has since been brought into schools, community programs and other folk festivals by Barefoot Caravan and has grown with each new setting.






A new group honing their tones whilst living together at the crossroads. Imagine if Leonard Cohen took the reigns of Crazy Horse or Neutral Milk Hotel. You can get lost in the poetry or dance your faces off. “Those Hoodlums that make beautiful music.”


Born and raised in Invermere, a small interior town, Ella Swan was surrounded by nature growing up. This has always been a source of inspiration. Having written stories and poems since she was a kid, learning to play guitar opened up a whole world of expression. She wrote her first song and hasn’t looked back since.

Throughout high school she regularly played open mics and has played several full length shows of originals in the past few years. In Victoria she is part of the Ensemble Laude women’s choir. She has gone to the Nimblefingers Bluegrass Camp in Sorrento four years running, fuelling a love of old time music. Her music is a blend between old time lyrical styling and fingerpicked guitar with chorally influenced vocals.

She is very excited to be part of the Woodstove Festival and looks forward to creating new musical friendships and connections.

Strumming patterns and finger picking patterns for cuban rhythms on guitar

Michel Rivero Mordoch of husband-wife duo Sweet SantaFe will be demonstrating strumming patterns and finger picking patterns for cuban rhythms on guitar.

Styles such as  Bolero, Son and Cha Cha Cha.   Some song examples are Chan Chan, Guantanamera, and Quiza Quiza.  He will also be showing how the Cuban percussion instruments fit in these styles of music and how these rhythms can be broken down into much simpler forms for learning.

Bring your guitar if you would like to play along.

Expressing emotions through art

Humans are naturally creative beings, unfortunately in today’s world many people hold back when it comes to discovering their artistic talent. Art has an amazing ability to speak to each of us on a different level and when used to express our feelings it can become a tool for personal healing.

Explore the idea of using different mediums as a form of self expression, and get inspired to channel your emotions into something others can feel.

Art supplies will be provided.


Bio – “The Wits” bend themselves into the abstract and alternative realm of songwriting with their original music, while keeping one foot on the tried and true methods of the craft, the other roams free.
From storytelling to yelling, subtle to smashing, combining alt-country, folk, blues, and jazz their original songs take listeners on a journey, pack your bags. Heavy heart, heavy head, love, fear, loved ones, lost ones, new roots, old roots, this, then, now, forever, fiction, fact, its all there, song and music.
A 3 piece consisting of drums, upright bass, guitar and vocals, make “The Wits”.
Jonathan Hinds – drums
Chad Pabianek – upright bass
Taze Kozak – guitar & vocals


Danny Bell’s songs are pure & simple, sweeping superfluity off of the table so we can stay near the filthy ground and celebrate what’s real with our dirty friends.

“Danny Bell’s lyrics are so real they are irrefutable, undeniable, so honest and powerful and touching.” – Scott Dunbar