Open Hearted: An Ele-Mental community workshop exploring Grief and Loss, with facilitators Joanna Finch and Cheryl Newton.
How does Moaning Myrtle get through her pent up grief? How does Eyore express himself when he’s in a doleful state? The body’s wisdom finds ways to release and restore the mind and spirit to balance. Breathe….ahhhh…
We are here to listen and to share our time-tested methods to diffuse depression, fear and isolation from mental and emotional stressors. Come and sit in a talking/ voicing circle to share your words and let your heart do the talking.
Transformational Voice Artist Joanna Finch brings 30 years of performance and a lifetime of hilarious voice-work practises to this cathartic workshop. Youth and Family counsellor, life coach, NLP practitioner, Cheryl Newton brings her gentle, deep wisdom and compassion to her work with grief and loss groups. Together this dynamic duo provide a safe forum for all ages to find courage to move through grief and loss.