Little Bird is the brainchild of Samuel H. Woywitka and Ronny Bernard.
A band whose sound can only be described as Django Reinhardt, Dr. Dre, Jack White and Modest Mouse all rolling up in a ’95 Tacoma.
Both Sam and Ron were born and raised in the small town of Cumberland, and though they knew each other personally, it was a classic case of “Hey I know this guy but I could never be in a band with him”.
While Ron pursued the heavier side of things as a member of bands such as “Klink and Polish” and “Better Than Dead”, Sam went in a more indie direction with “Valley”, which would also launch the career of a certain member of Canadian band “Half Moon Run”.
As time progressed, Ron went back to his roots in blues and started performing under his own name, while Sam moved to Vancouver to pursue music-production.  While there, he would end up working with hip-hop heavyweights Chin Injeti, DJ Khalil, and the duo, Tiron and Ayomari.
Eventually reuniting, Sam would produce Ron’s debut EP in Vancouver. This collaboration would sprout the first inklings of starting a group together.  Soon after, Little Bird was hatched.  Quickly amassing a diverse repertoire of music, they debuted their eclectic tastes at Diversity Music Fest and Quadrapaloooza in the summer of 2015.