Woodstove Festival Rap-up Vocal Workshop with Joanna Finch  (Sun. 4 PM The Abbey Studio):


Intro to Fitz Maurice Voicework with Melisa Devost (Sun. 11 AM The Abbey):

Sunday Morning Sing-along with Melisa Devost  (Sun. 12 PM The Abbey):


Artists Talk Mental Health (Sat. 1:00 PM The Abbey): A panel discussion on personal experiences with mental health featuring Woodstove Festival artists, followed by an audience discussion.

Guided Meditation with live music by Chad Pab (11:00 AM Saturday The Abbey):  With teacher Sabine Schulte from 3H Teachings (

Kundalini Yoga Class and Meditation (11:45 AM Saturday The Abbey):  With teacher Sabine Schulte from 3H Teachings (

3H Yoga is a wonderful and tranquil place to learn and practice Yoga and Meditation and experience the full power of those ancient healing techniques. Sabine specializes in one-to-to one sessions and small groups. She is a passionated and caring transformational teacher, who’s intention is to awaken the “Inner Teacher in you. Through carefully explained, guided and supervised yoga practices as well mind mastering meditation techniques Sabine supports you to get in tune with your body and re-discover the healing tools, which have been always available to…..but maybe temporarily just misplaced or hidden very well in your stressful day to day life.
Seeing Sabine for a personalized Yoga Session or Holistic Happiness & Health Consultation will support you to live the way you always desired to live!