Somatic Meditation: A Simple Meditation Practice for Creative Stability This Winter
Facilitated by Jesse Thom, musician and meditation instructor with Dharma Ocean Foundation

For many of us, the winter can be a challenging and difficult time of year.  The darkness brings with it a natural inward-turning.  Emotions are felt with deep intensity and we sometimes feel we are ‘losing control’ – depression, anxiety and desperation often intensify.   With the proper tools and support, however, these challenges can become a powerful gateway into deeper connection with ourselves and our world.  It’s in this place of connection that we are able to process our experience, heal ourselves, as well as access our deepest creative voice.

In this experiential workshop, you will be guided through a simple and gentle meditation practice that can support you in the winter months.  By coming directly into the body and exploring our felt connection with the earth – first in a laying down position, and then sitting up – we will discover and begin to strengthen our capacity to hold our experiences – no matter how difficult – with love and complete trust.


Besides working professionally as an interdisciplinary artist, Jesse is active as a meditation/life coach and delights in sharing the view and practices of embodied meditation with whomever is interested.

Jesse has been studying and training in meditation for twelve years within the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition and has been a close student of Buddhist scholar and spiritual director of the Dharma Ocean Foundation, Reggie Ray, since 2010.