c o z y is a songwriter, rapper, producer, and musician who currently operates out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Originally hailing from the small village of Cumberland, c o z y has small town roots that have heavily influenced her art. c o z y is a beat-driven lyricist with a broad range of influences, taking inspiration from many genres (including, but not limited to, funk, r+b, folk, and pop). With her music, c o z y hopes to bring people into her world of experiences and give them as clear a picture of her perspective as she can. Throughout her songs, c o z y weaves strong lyrical themes of femininity, sexuality, and reclamation of personal identity within a vulnerable context of self examination. With undeniable groove and hilarious wordplay, she delves into valuable conversations about love, family, and confidence throughout her playful debut album “c o z y” (Released April 28th 2017 through Nyhla Records). Along with writing and producing her own music, c o z y also produces music for other artists. She graduated from Nimbus School of the Recording Arts and Media last August with a diploma in Advanced Music Production.