Balkan Shmalkan is East Vancouver’s sweet dance party orchestra; think global music with a local attitude. Our funky brass dance beats are rooted in the traditions of the Roma and Klezmorim of Eastern Europe and blended with a mixture of pop and jazz. The group contains six to ten musicians playing reed, brass and percussion instruments of both eastern and western origin. Balkan Shmalkan is exceptionally versatile and mobile, playing on and off stage with nothing more than the power of their lungs and a few horns.

Balkan Shmalkan is the brain child of a group of musicians with a long history of collaboration in traditional South Serbian Trubaci music. This project is a way of blending that music with other vibrant traditions and bringing it to the general population of Greater Vancouver.

Since January 2015, Balkan Shmalkan has released one album original and traditional music, performed for the BIL Conference, played the siyum hasefer ceremony and parade for Temple Shalom’s new Torah and closed out the Vancouver Fringe Festival. The group is often found performing for packed houses at local dance clubs and cafes. This year, the group intends to travel beyond the Vancouver city limits, touring British Columbia on the summer music festival circuit.

Balkan Shmalkan: brassy dance beats for all occasions.