Tanya Lipscomb, an award-winning, touring singer/song writer and mother of 3 developed a character named “Kiki the Eco Elf” in 2008.  “Kiki” is bright, colourful, silly and highly enthusiastic! 

She has released 3 independent children’s albums since 2010, performed at 100s of festivals and family events and has shared the stage/opened for Charlotte Diamond, Fred Penner, Splash n’ Boots and Bobs & Lolo.  

 It is her joy and passion to raise environmental awareness and promote sustainability as well as compassionate kindness, musical expression, creativity and joyful play.  She captures audiences with up-beat music, engaging the crowd to sing along, clap, stomp and dance.  Kiki involves young and old alike, with interactive games, magic illusions and story-telling and enthralls children (and the young at heart) with her larger than life stage presence, inspiring them to make positive, creative choices to better the world.

“Kiki the Eco Elf” delivered her first performance in the Spring of 2008, and since then has performed in schools, libraries, fairs, at Children’s festivals, music festivals and family events across Canada.  


A journey through Yang 2 Yin Yoga. Begin with a slow warm up accompanied by live music. Stretching our bodies through a short flow we move into a Mandala Yoga series to bring our Collective Vibration together. Next we channel deeper into a Yin practice while being surrounded with Sound Healing and Mantras. The class will finish with a meditation and a short circle. This class is for everyone and all levels!
Yoga Bio

Annie YinFlow is passionate about movement and balance. Annie has trained within many movement modalities including ballet, contact dance, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga and much more. Annie brings together her 300h Karma Teacher Certificate, 50h Yin Certificate, Pranayama Training to the matt. A balance of looking inward while Annie holds space in a unique way that allows a deeper connection to body and spirit. As a professional musician, playing nationwide for the past 10 yrs, Annie combines music and movement to create a unique experience.



Daemon & Airdrie are an electronic “ghost pop” duo from BC, Canada who combine intensely emotional, interweaving vocal lines with relaxed, minimalbeats and sparse instrumentation to produce soundscapes that are as haunting as they are seductive. Choosing to abandon laptop-based production, the duo create and perform their material using samplers, live instruments and an arsenal of vintage gear, analog tape effects, spring verbs and dusty old tubes. The result? A unique sound that bridges earth and wire – a place where electricity meets and dances with the naked, human body


Singer Krispy Klark and singer accordionist Frank Cilantro are a duet from Vancouver’s mount pleasant. Inspired by swing and it’s rich decaying humus, they provide cozy autumnal music with a mist of foggy dew wop and a drop drop of shoo bitty bop, swing crackle and pop, and maybe a coyote tale or two.


Harmony Singing 101

Love to sing?  Can’t figure out how to find those harmonies?  This is the class for you.  Learn how the different parts fit together, which part to take, and how to find your starting note.  Then we’ll practice our new skills on a short easy song.  No reading necessary, we’ll use a simple number system for everything.  You’ll be singing in four part harmony with your friends by the end of the class!

Release Acupressure

Join expert Acupressurist, Kyla Plaxton for 2 hours. She will walk you through how to do your own Neck Release so you can get rid of headaches and chronic neck and head tension within 15 minutes all on your own!

Inside the class you will do Qigong, have a take home handbook and go through each pressure point with 1:1 direction.

The Choir From Hornby

The Choir from Hornby is a community choir in the true sense of the words. Anyone is welcome to join, which brings a spectrum of voices ranging from those who are experienced singers and performers to those who had never sang with anyone and had to overcome fear and shyness to even set foot through the door.

Lead by performer/teacher Melisa Devost, this dedicated group of singers comes together weekly throughout the winter to sing about joy, death, the universe and everything in between, tackling unique arrangements of contemporary and traditional songs.


Jack Dwyer is a song-slinger and strum-for-hire based in the Northwest U.S.  He tours year round, teaches privately, and operates a recording studio in Port Townsend, WA.  This weekend you can catch him solo, as he performs original and traditional songs and deftly twangs his way through country, jazz, honky tonk blues, bluegrass, and Gulf-Coast Americana.


Cheeky Bunny are a three piece piano rock band from beautiful Denman Island. Bethany Ireland utilizes her three octave range, years of piano lessons and therapy through songwriting to fire on all cylinders in Cheeky Bunny. Steve Ireland, the man behind the woman, achieves melodic nuance over driving rhythm. Yes, he’s the drummer! Ray Ulovec is Cheeky Bunny’s colossal, soulful bassist. They goof around a lot in practice, well Steve does, yet they always manage to go deep into the music and progress. Cheeky Bunny is danceable piano rock under complicated personal poetry.

Goodnight Johnny

“Goodnight Johnny” is a Folk / Soul Duo comprised of Jake Winter and  Megan McCaffery They play a selection of Original and Cover music from Sam Cook to Shaky Graves.  They both belt out beautiful harmonies While Jake plays the guitar and piano and Megan strikes the fiddle. These two are guarenteed to raise a few hairs on your neck.